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Restoring the Past, Building the Future

As our customer you are pivotal to what we do.  We are continuously developing our services and standards, and we may ask for your feedback, welcoming both positive and negative comments to monitor and improve our service to you.  We encourage our team to work together, to provide you with the best service we can offer.


When we are in contact with you we will listen to you carefully, be polite, fair and honest with you.  We will avoid using jargon, use plain English and give you a high standard of information to help you find the answer you’re looking for.  We will take responsibility for helping resolve problems should they arise, and we will explain any decisions made and our reasons for them.  And with this in mind, when working with you, the things we do will be in full consultation with you.


For us to be able to meet your needs in the most efficient way possible the standards we have set ourselves are high, therefore we aim to do the following


Our Customer Promise